4 YouTube Channels Around the Home, Solutive and Inspirational Home Improvement!

4 YouTube Channels Around the Home, Solutive and Inspirational Home Improvement!

Content about home or home improvement is one of the content that is quite popular on YouTube. This type of content is so loved because it contains tons of information, ranging from decorating tips, cleaning tips, to renovating guides.

This type of content feels so fun because the transformation of a house itself gives a very satisfying effect. Content like this is perfect for inspiration when you renovate or repair your home later.

Here is a YouTube channel about homes or home improvement that is solutive and inspiring!

1. Leaving City

Leaving City YouTube Content (YouTube/Leaving City)
Leaving City YouTube Content (YouTube/Leaving City)

This YouTube channel can make us get a satisfying effect. Because the contents result in extraordinary changes to the structure or decoration of the house.

Most of the content shows the process of renovating abandoned old houses into livable places.

Interestingly, the craftsman who is often in charge of giving a “magic touch” to an old house that is filled with content is a beautiful, stylish girl. So that seems to leave a suggestion that the audience can do the same job, right?

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2. Arrofi Ramadhan

Arrofi Ramadhan YouTube Channel (YouTube/Arrofi Ramadhan)
Arrofi Ramadhan YouTube Channel (YouTube/Arrofi Ramadhan)

If you are a YouTube channel from Indonesia, you should really watch it, especially if you need decoration inspiration for the interior of your room, office or workspace.

The reason is, Arrofi and the team have a myriad of room make over content results that are wow. Because of the good results of their work, there are so many public figures who use their services. So it’s not surprising that their brand is as high as it is now.

Not only do they load stunning before and after content, their content can really add insight to you through the tips and tricks that the hosts share.

3. WU Vlogs

WU Vlog Youtube Content (Youtube/WU Vlog)
WU Vlog Youtube Content (Youtube/WU Vlog)

WU Vlog also includes a Youtube channel that contains content on the process of renovating an old house. This channel, which already has 180 thousand subscribers, up to now has 220 videos that can be a storehouse of inspiration for those of you who need enlightenment when it comes to renovating old houses.

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While watching it, you can also learn carpentry tricks that can be very useful for you to apply. It doesn’t stop there, through the contents you can also look for inspiration about spatial or garden planning.

4. Tick Bugs

YouTube Bug Tik Content (YouTube/Bug Tik)
YouTube Bug Tik Content (YouTube/Bug Tik)

Another YouTube channel that contains lots of solutions and inspiration about construction, Bug Tik. This YouTube channel presents the process of transforming a house that was “decayed” with age into a comfortable home.

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Well, the process of doing this is what you should watch. Because there are many tricks in the world of carpentry, from tips on organizing the house, tips on cleaning the house, to tips on how to renovate it.

It’s guaranteed that you can use the contents as inspiration or guide when renovating or repairing a house later.

So, those are various YouTube channels that contain content about the home or home improvement solutions that are solutive and inspiring. What are you waiting for, wait, come on!

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