92 Tiny House Designs That Got Us Dreaming Of Building One

Who needs a giant mansion when you can get a tiny house for three times less price? After all, mansions are definitely a thing of the past, and they were never really designed with comfort in mind. That is, unless you like taking 10k steps purely to commute from the kitchen to the bathroom and to the bedroom in your own house every day. Or are dead set on playing the Marco Polo game with your significant other until the end of your lives. Pshht, who has the time for that, right? However, with these tiny house designs, everything is reachable by hand, your feet are safe from over-walking, and it’s just so painfully staking cute. Piqued your interest? Well then, just wait until you see these modern tiny house designs with your own two peepers!

Now, designing a tiny house sure has its own challenges – like where do you put all the stuff that you own (hmmm, you might need to get rid of some of it, too!), how do you make the most of the space that you have, and how to make it all homely instead of it just being a rectangle to sleep inside of. So, if you’re element of your own powers and ingenuity in creating the most perfect design of a tiny house, the images that we’ve rounded up in this list might be of great help to you. And if that also doesn’t encourage you to come up with your own plans, you can always show the tiny house you like the most to an architect of your choice! See, there’s a solution for everything!

Right-o, ready to take a dive into the world of tiny house design ideas? No hobbits here, though, just very compact, super comfortable, human-sized houses that are also very adorable. Vote for the tiny house ideas that you liked the most, and share this article with your friends!

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