our may 2023 box and a giveaway

our may 2023 box and a giveaway

I’m happy to announce our May box giveaway! This May Box is all about spring and will be curated around the theme, Vive le Printemps. I love to live by the seasons, but I’m the first to admit that by the time we get to March I am totally over the winter, and longing to get to Spring!

I love the season because this is when I make plans for the garden, when I sow some seeds for the summer. I made planting layouts for the potager, and got excited to soon start dividing and replanting the dahlia tubers that had overwintered in the wine cellar all winter.

For our May box, we wanted to celebrate the spring, and we are including items that for me represent Spring, and the many little ways that it changes our daily routine here, be it in our wardrobe, our tablescapes or indeed in the garden.

As usual, we are very happy to offer a giveaway for this May box, allowing two lucky winners to be picked to receive their own ‘Vivre le Printemps’ box in a few weeks time.

To enter the giveaway is simple:
Just make sure you are following @mfchbox on Instagram and Facebook, or leave a comment here if you don’t have social media! For extra entries, comments, and tag a friend in the giveaway post on Facebook or Instagram. The winners will be announced here and on social media on March 29th – Good luck & Vive le Printemps!

If you prefer to simply purchase a box for yourself or someone special, just click HERE and choose between a one-off purchase or a subscription

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