Sauk Rapids Woman Wins $5,000 Home Improvement Package

Sauk Rapids Woman Wins ,000 Home Improvement Package

(KNSI) — A Sauk Rapids woman just won $5,000 in home improvements, which could not have come at a better time for her.

KNSI sister station KZPK/Wild Country 99 was part of a national contest, and Krystal was selected as the winner. Morning show hosts Kelly and Wood called Krystal to tell her the good news but had some fun before hand, asking her what she would do with the money.

Turns out, Krystal is a single mom living in an apartment with her two kids. Her lease was coming up soon, so she bought a house to get them out of a bad situation, but the bad situation didn’t get any better. “I just bought a place and unfortunately I found out it has mold, so I would use it for mold remediation.”

She explained that it was a mobile home she bought, and she took out another loan to figure out what to do to get rid of the mold and was on the verge of becoming homeless. Krystal says winning the home improvement package is life-changing. “It has been a rough six months,” she said through tears, adding, “This is probably the best news I’ve had.”


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